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There is no more effective time machine than the combination of photographs & music….Livonne

For me, the journey to studying photography began with a slideshow.  I had seen a few short slideshow presentations for birthdays and as my niece was turning 21, I really wanted to make one for her.  It was pretty ordinary when I look back but I was incredibly proud of myself and she loved it.

Then and there I fell in love.  It is so rewarding to see photographs, moments frozen in time on screen, set to the soundtrack of your life.  Music brings memories to the forefront of even the most lost mind as can be seen by the incredible work of Music & Memory, an organisation which help provide ipods to dementia patients.  So add your photos to that music and it’s guaranteed to be a winner.

A slideshow evokes so many memories…

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“I’m Drowning in Digital Photos” Club

This is how I got started doing what I love, organising precious memories for people to enjoy all over again.


IMG_2491.PNGI was drowning in digital photographs long BEFORE I got an iPhone, but now I’m buried in them. They exist on my computer, on my phone, on portable hard drives (yes plural), on the Time Capsule, and now, of course, ON THE CLOUD (wherever the fuck that is). Now when I stare at clouds, waiting for them to morph into unicorns and amorphous hearts, I half expect to see my pictures from our family vacation to Mexico.

I’m making myself sound older than I am. I am completely computer proficient; I just exist in a perfection-driven paralysis which prevents me from efficiently organizing – or doing anything – with these photos. Perusing through these digital memories is spectacular: the road trip to Seattle and Portland, my daughter’s first recital, my son’s graduation from elementary school, our wedding! Only I don’t get to flip through the pictures, spread out through my…

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